Over the years, Will Solutions has surrounded itself with employees with extensive skills. They invest and collaborate with us to offer original and globally recognized solutions. At Will, we believe that our growth is based on the commitment of our employees and associates, and we implement structures to encourage exchanges on best practices.

We would like to emphasize the involvement and support of all our collaborators:

  • Absolunet – Mr. Martin Thibeault. Development and maintenance of the tracking platform
  • Barnik – Mrs. Kattie Léveillé. Design
  • Certi Conseil – Mr. Christophe Kaestli. Internal monitoring and support for the validation and verification of third-party audits
  • Delta Energy LLC – Mr. Pierre Gravel. Expertise in the energy securities markets (commodities) 
  • Fasken Martineau – Mr. Louis Bernier. Lawyer in international business development
  • Gestion Conseil Normand Hétu et associés – Mr. Normand Hétu. Project Management Advisor and Financing
  • Hubrid – Mr. Hugues Chandonnet. Branding
  • CMKZ – Mr. John Mavridis. Corporate lawyer and business law.
  • Okiok – Mr. Claude Vigeant. Systems security
  • Tremblay, Guertin, CPA – Mr. Marc-André Tremblay. Accounting audit and taxation
  • Pierre Caron – Remote coach specialized in Marketing sales and franchising for senior management of SME’s
  • CMD CONSEILS ASSURANCES CLIMATIQUES – Madame Martine Douce, présidente
  • PentaA+ – Mr. Alain Jegen, ing et MBA. Complex Technology Project Manager
  • Libelo Conseil – Mr. Pierre-Olivier Colas, M. Adm. Expert in innovation and strategic development
  • Groupe Agéco – Mr. Édouard Clément – Vice-President. Corporate Responsability

Thank you

Will’s team