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Reduce GHG emissions originating from low-emitters

Sustainable Community has been specially designed to reduce GHG emissions originating from low emitters, all industrial, commercial and institutional sectors taken into account and for which reductions are unaffordable for most of them. Will Solutions offers to low emitters the possibility of trading off their efforts of reducing GHG emissions by stimulating and accounting for their common efforts and selling them on the carbon market.

 VCS Certification Program 

Sustainable Community has been designed in accordance with VM0018 methodology principle of the VCS certification standard. This This standard is the most important certification standard on the worldiwde voluntary market. This methodology is unique, since it covers under a same umbrella, a vast number of small GHG reduction project  under the following groups : Energy Demand (group 3) and waste management and landfill (group 13). A tird group (group 7) invloving transport will be add subsequently.  


Business model

Sustainable Community’s business model supports the carbon marketplace. Which allows to:

  • Exercice a responsible stewardship;
  • Democratize acces to carbon market;
  • Group together your GHG efforts;
  • Convert efforts into revenues.  


Targeted customers

Will’s Sustainable Community Solution specifically targets small industrial, commercial or industrial sites/installations emitting less than 25 000 tons of CO2 per year or those which are not under regulated markets.  There can be several projects for a same site/installation.. 


Example of successful projects

GHG emissions reduction from the municipality of Saint-Gédéon-de-Beauce in 2010 and 2011, targetting (1) replacement of the cooling system and compressor heat recovery at the arena, (2) conversion of oil to electricity at the town house and installation of a solar wall and a geothermal system at the municipal garage.



WILL offers franchises all over the world, contact us today and find out how to disseminate sustainability. 



Want to get involved? Will Solutions is looking for franchisees.


Innovative in the implementation of community and customized greenhouse gas solutions, Will Solutions is looking for entrepreneurs wishing to get involved in sustainable development. Entrepreneurs must be interested to act in the carbon market and share the same vision as Will in the implementation of a unique and innovative business model. They must also provide funds for the deployment of Sustainable Community Solution in their territory.

An insight into a business opportunity acting on climate change issues.

Our franchisee program interests you, write to us at franchise@solutionswill.com.

Our partners


ICF International

ICF International partners with government and commercial clients to deliver professional services and technology solutions in the energy, environment, and infrastructure; health, social programs, and consumer/financial markets.
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APX Environmental Markets is a leading infrastructure provider for environmental and energy markets in renewable energy and greenhouse gases, including carbon commodities.
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As the largest network of business people and businesses in Québec, the FCCQ strongly supports its members’ interests in matters of public policy, thus promoting an innovative and competitive business environment.
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SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.
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The Verified Carbon Standard has become the world’s leading voluntary greenhouse gas program. We were founded by a collection of business and environmental leaders who saw a need for greater quality assurance in voluntary carbon markets.
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Carbone Boréal

“Carbone boréal” is both a greenhouse gas offset program, through tree planting, and a research project led by researchers at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (Qc, Canada).
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SADC du Haut-Saguenay

SADC du Haut-Saguenay
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Our members


Boisaco – Usine de Sacré-Coeur

GHG reduction project: Replacement of butane/propane dryers by a biomass boiler and diversion of wood waste and bark from landfill to biomass boiler.
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Recyc RPM

GHG reduction project: Reduction of energy comsumption through plastic recycling.
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Recyc PHP

GHG reduction projects: Heat recovery of production equipment for heating of storage areas and diversion od residual material from landfill to recycling.
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RPM Environnement

GHG reduction projects: Recycling of post production plastic containers contaminated with virgin hydrocarbons and recovery of virgin hydrocarbons and use of for energy purpose.
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GHG reduction projects: Conversion from oil to electricity, installation of a solar wall and a geothermal system and replacement of the cooling system and compressor heat recovery.
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780 Brewster

GHG reduction projects: Major building renovations with LEED Certification, including oil no. 2 conversion to natural gas and HVAC system optimization
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